Top Brother Printer Problems

Published: 09th January 2008
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In spite of the fact that a Brother printer costs lesser than other brands and has a remarkably fast printing speed, there are numerous problems associated with this printer. The top few problems which a Brother printer is notorious for are its unreliability, short life, printing errors and paper jams. Certain printer models produced by Brother have seen to last only a few months, say two or three months.

Very often a paper is jammed in the mid way. Dealing with the paper jams is next to impossible. If one tries to remove it, it often results in the breaking of fuser. Not all, but certain specific models produced by Brother have proved to be of very poor quality. They even feel extremely light, flimsy and sub standard. Getting the machine replaced with another piece results in the same flaws.

A very common problem with nearly all the models of Brother printer is that they produce irritating noise during their operation and during the cooling phase. These sounds are unbearable for some people. They take extraordinarily long durations to warm up and cause voltage to drop by substantial amounts. Most of the prints produced by a Brother printer are faulty, leading to the wastage of paper and ink. Prints are usually dull, and are in no way comparable to the lab quality.

The Brother toner employed in Brother laser printer is very costly and is consumed too quickly. A brother laser printer is only good enough for printing text, but not images. It is absolutely useless for graphics, pictures, heavy stock and envelopes. The physical parts of the printer like its top cover are not strong enough. It is known for giving rise to electrical problems and blows ones circuit breaker quite often.

A brother printer produces curled, twisted and warped papers. It does not align the paper automatically. One has to take great care while inserting the paper so that it is properly aligned. More than often, the roller leaves ugly marks, spots and shadows on the paper, making it unworthy of professional use.

Brother technical support is not very helpful for people trying to have their faulty machine work, fixed or exchanged. The user manual, too, does not contain adequate information to guide the users. Often, the design is so defective that the tray size does not match with that of a standard A4 size sheet and the cartridge is too hard to be taken out. The printer does not carry a cable when purchased. A Brother printer never lasts more than a year. The type of problem depends on the model. Some models have been found to be much more problematic and troublesome as compared to others.

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